New York City guitar instructor, Dan Smith, recorded a video for Find a Guitar Teacher about good options for your first guitar purchase, which you can see on the Find a Guitar Teacher YouTube Channel. Here’s what Dan said in the video:

One of the questions that I get most often from students who are just getting started playing guitar is ‘what kind of guitar should I buy and how much money should I expect to spend for it?’

The Yamaha F325: A Great Starter Acoustic Guitar

If you’re thinking in terms of getting an acoustic guitar, I recommend you get something like this. This is my guitar; it’s the Yamaha FG410, but these days, you can get it in the form of the F325. That comes as part of a package called the Yamaha GigMaker Acoustic Guitar Pack and it costs about $160. Sometimes it’s a little more, might also sometimes be a little less, but it’s a really good deal.


It comes with an extra set of strings, an electronic tuner, a very simple case, everything you’re going to need to get started. It’s just a great guitar. I’ve had this one for over 20 years, it served me very well, and it’s just a great sounding, very solid guitar to get started with.

Fender Strat Pack / Telecaster Pack: Perfect Starter Electric Guitars

If you’re thinking in terms of getting an electric guitar, I recommend the Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Strat Pack. You can also get that in the form of a Telecaster Pack. Stratocasters and Telecasters are two classic models of electric guitars, which you’ve probably seen around, and that comes with a very simple amplifier and cables to connect the guitar to the amplifier with and extra set of strings and everything you’re going to need.




Those cost between $200 and $250. The $250 package just comes with a slightly nicer amplifier but either one of those is going to be a great option. All these guitars are going to be very good to get started with because they’re not a huge amount of money to spend, but they’re great sounding guitars and they’re going to be very simple, which is important in the beginning because what you want is something that’s going to keep the focus on your playing and the music itself. Down the line, if you feel like you want to get a guitar that’s maybe a little more high end, you’re going to be a little more ready for it.

Summary of Best First Guitar:

Electric Guitars:

  • Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Strat Pack ($200 – 250)
  • Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Telecaster Pack ($200 – 250)

Acoustic Guitar:

  • Yamaha Gigmaker Acoustic Guitar Package ($160)

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