10 Easy Songs to Play on the Guitar

The hardest part of learning to play the guitar is not just nursing your fingertips for weeks; it’s also finding songs that you actually enjoy vs. having to play the do-ray-me songs of your childhood.

Below, we’ve added 10 songs you can learn quickly and easily, and no matter what age you are, there should be at least one from your decade. Common major chords (usually the easiest to learn) are C, A, G, E and D, so keep that in mind when you look up the sheet music for these songs.

Two chords

  1. The Beatles – Paperback Writer | G7 and C


  1. Sublime – What I Got | D and G
  1. Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart | D and A7


Three chords

  1. U2 – Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For | D, A, and G

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man | C, G, and Am
  1. Elvis – All Shook Up | A, D and E


Four Chords

  1. Nicky Minaj, ft. Rhianna – Fly | C, D, G, and Em
  1. Pink – Perfect | C, G, D, Em
  1. Katy Perry – Firework | C, D, G, and Em
  1. Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby McGee | C, G, F and G7


If you’re wondering about how to find the sheet music for the songs, your lessons.com tutor can help you out, or you can Google any one of the song names with the words “sheet music.” You’ll find a lot of sites willing to give their versions away as a download.

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