With the holidays right around the corner gift ideas are a must. Right now you are on the hunt to find great gifts for the people that mean the most; friends, family, co-workers, but what about your teacher or your child’s teacher?

Teacher’s spend each day working to help us learn, grow, and succeed. Don’t forget about a gift the teachers you appreciate. Here are 5 of the best gift ideas for teacher’s. They are inexpensive and found at the most common stores. Most of these will work for some of your friends too!

1. Books

Pick a book that you absolutely loved and share it! Here is a list of 3 great books about music that we love right now.










2. One-The-Go Cup

A nice cup that your teacher can use in the car, at their desk, or anywhere else they need to be. Many of the cups you find can be easy and fun to customize too.



3. Teaching Supplies

Did you know most teacher’s have to buy their own supplies? Here are a couple of in-expensive options that are fun and look great.










4. Treats

Homemade treats like cookies or brownies are always appreciated. Even store bought candy works. Below are some delicious treat ideas that you can use.










5. A Card

Filled in with a heart felt message to show your appreciation for all they do is enough to make any teacher or friend smile. You can pick one up at your local store or make your own. Either options is a great gift option for your a teacher you appreciate.











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