5 Great Gifts for a Guitar Player

You might have a guitar player in your life who seems to have everything he or she needs. After all, once you have your guitar, you’re set, right? Not so fast, sugar blossom. There are always ways to enhance someone’s guitar-playing experience. Here are five gift suggestions in order of cost:

gift_card_idea1. Gift Card to a Music or Guitar Center

$5-infinity | A music center to a guitar player is as a library to a reader – heaven on earth. Send them in there with the freedom to choose whatever they want and see the treasures they come out with. Music, picks, a new guitar … it’s all in their hands.

guitar_lessons2. Guitar Lessons

$24-$84/hour | No matter what level guitar players are at, they can always advance with more practice or some help from those a few steps ahead. Check out what we have to offer and book some lessons today.


Guitar_case3. Guitar Case

$20-$740 | Guitar cases can get knocked around a lot, and some players still only have a soft case around their precious guitars. And yes, we’re not kidding about that $740 case. See it here.


Guitar_stand4. Guitar Stand or Wall Hanger

$10-$430 | Guitars need a place to live when they aren’t being carted around from one music scene to the next. Prices start at $10 for a simple wall mount, all the way up to $430 for a handcrafted case rack. See up to ten pages of options.



digital_audio_workstation5. Digital Audio Workstation

$80 – $298 | This is a recording studio for guitar players so they can record freshly written songs, or track improvements over time.


Other suggestions:

Apps | Pay for useful apps such as the iOS app Chordec, which has chord recognition for songs.

Miniature guitar figurines, coasters, jewelry, keychains, tree ornaments, accessories, soap pumps, cutting boards, etc. | Wild About Music, Pinterest guitar gift suggestions, Etsy guitar gift suggestions



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