An accurate, dependable guitar tuner for $3.99 (shipped) – is this a joke? No it isn’t! And … it’s available right here.


Purchase The Elegant, Accurate RT-21 Guitar Tuner for $3.99

In the interest of full disclosure, FindaGuitarTeacher is partnering with to offer this amazing value of the accurate, elegant LT-21 guitar tuner for the grand total of $3.99 (shipping included). That the tuner’s design and packaging has been described as befitting the Museum of Modern Art only adds to the experience of purchasing this tuner during its limited availability. If the folks at weren’t limiting the number of tuners to one per purchase, we would heartily suggest that you get one of these for each guitar and bass you own. Their unobtrusive appearance blends in nicely with any guitar, bass, or other stringed instrument you’d choose to put one on, and the convenience of having such an accurate tuner readily at the wait, whenever you need it, is a very nice option indeed.


The RT-21’s Easy Adjustability: A Good Fit For Any Guitar or Bass

The stylish design of the RT-21’s casing is enhanced by an equally stylish display that is easy to read, and its easy adjustability allows you to conveniently position the tuner to any angle that suits you and your guitar playing, whether at home or on stage. It’s digital needle is also easy to read and doesn’t jump nervously when zeroing in on the desired pitch, making the necessary adjustment to tune your guitar all the easier.

A Comparison To The Peterson StroboSoft iPhone App

Using the RT-21 on a Gibson Hummingbird guitar, we simultaneously compared it to the Peterson iStroboSoft iPhone app, and, while it may not have as fine a gradation as the Peterson, the RT-21’s in-tune indicator aligned quite nicely with the StroboSoft’s indication of the same. (On Peterson’s website, it’s stated that the StroboSoft has “razor-sharp 0.1 resolution.) Since we didn’t have a readily available means of plugging an electric guitar into the iPhone, we were not able to make similar comparisons on electric guitar or bass, but, without such comparison, the RT-21 performed just as well on those instances as it did on the acoustic guitar.

One Slight Drawback

One slight drawback we encountered was the lack of clear directions on the single-sheet instructions that come with the RT-21, which don’t elaborate on how to use the tuner, nor what the G, C, B, V, U at the bottom of the display screen stand for, nor how to easily remove the battery cover. However, a few minutes of patient experimentation led us to discovering that the various modes on the tuner included “C” for chromatic, “G” for guitar, and “B” for bass. We were able to confirm this assumption, as well as our assumption that additional letters “V” and “U” stand for Violin and Ukelele, by going to the website, which states: ” … Includes five modes: C, G, B, V, U (chromatic, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele) to cover the gamut of stringed instruments. It also works great on mandolin, banjo, and nearly any other stringed instrument.”

In summary:

  • Very accurate (see above comparisons to the Peterson StroboSoft)
  • Elegant and functional design
  • Versatile – can be used for guitar (standard and chromatic modes), bass, violin, mandolin, banjo, and ukelele
  • The lack of clear-cut directions is a slight drawback but easily overcome
  • $3.99 shipped – need we say more?

We recommend that you take take advantage of the unusual opportunity to give yourself (or a friend or your guitar students) a useful and enjoyable guitar tool, by visiting and purchasing the RT-21 Tuner, during its limited availability. At this price, get several – one for every guitar you own.

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