You’re never too old or too young to learn, and, based on what Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, did, you’re never too famous to teach either. A story by Dave Pierini in Cult of Mac reveals that Brittany responded to a request for help with the guitar part for “Future People” from aspiring guitarist Kait Whiteside of Louisville, Kentucky by guiding her with an Instagram guitar lesson.

FindAGuitarTeacher is dedicated to the precept that guitar is best learned by the passage of knowledge from a guitar teacher (in whatever capacity) to a guitar student (of any level), and in reaching out to Kait Whiteside, Brittany Howard exemplified the very principle we believe in.

According to the story (Please click here to read the full story.), Ms. Whiteside had been learning to play “Future People” on guitar, and in her attempt to do so, had reached out to Brittany Howard  of Alabama Shakes by way of an Instagram post for guidance and direction. Lo and behold, Brittany responded to Kait with a compact tutorial. Kait was stunned, to say the least. Mr. Pierini describes the uplifting exchange as follows:

“On Aug. 11, Howard replied to Whiteside’s video with one of her own, showing a closeup of her fingers on the neck of her guitar slowly fingering the part Whiteside couldn’t finish. She wrote, ‘@kat_whiteside here’s the rest.’ Whiteside was floored. She regrammed Howard’s response with, ‘Um, the lead singer from Alabama Shakes responded to my random little Instagram vid. R.I.P. Me.’”

The world can be a strange and hard place at times, but, as this inspiring story shows, music is a channel for dealing with the day-to-daying that comes with life, and believes that, whether or not your journey ever mirrors the conversation between Kait Whiteside and Brittany Howard, the pursuit of playing guitar and the relationship with your perfect guitar teacher is sure to reap powerful rewards.

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