Whether you’ve been playing guitar for a while or are thinking about getting started, there are always many questions that are certain to arise, and we can’t think of a better way to find out useful answers to your guitar questions than to ask a guitar teacher, whose experience in not only playing guitar, but in teaching others how to play, is a valuable asset to take advantage of.

One such question that beginning guitarists will encounter is: “What should I buy as my first guitar?” Tim Woosley, a guitar teacher in Lincoln Nebraska has been kind enough to send us his thoughts about a subject that can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least, but reading what he has to say on the subject could prove quite helpful in getting started.

Tim Woosley Lincoln NE Guitar Teacher

by Tim Woosley

Learning to play the guitar can be a very exciting time. However, you can quickly feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying your first guitar. Now more than ever, guitar players are barraged with a myriad of choices of guitars for every age, size, and pocketbook. One can feel a bit lost among the labyrinth of choices.

Acoustic Guitar v. Electric Guitar


Benefits: Needs no amplifier. You can take it with you anywhere.

Disadvantages: Big and bulky. The strings are thicker, so it’s harder to push them down and get a good sound.


Benefits: Thinner shape for more comfortable initial playing. The strings are also thinner, making them easier to push down with your fingers. Amplified, it’s very versatile.

Disadvantages: Requires a source of power to get sound. It can drive your parents insane with its volume. (Should that be listed in the benefits column?)Oh, and parents… buy the one your children want. If you buy an acoustic and they want an electric, they won’t be as interested in playing it. Then they have lost interest and you now own an acoustic guitar you don’t need.

Once you’ve decided on what style you’ll be getting, sit down and try a couple of guitars out. Strum them, even if you don’t know how to play. Use your senses. (Just don’t taste it. You’ll get some looks) Do you like how it looks? Does it feel comfortable when it’s in your hands?

Purchasing your first guitar doesn’t have to be scary or impossible. Just do some research (like you are doing now) and educate yourself on what’s available. Don’t forget to have fun. When you put the right guitar in your hands, you will know you have found the one that is coming home with you.

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