Lesley Diane teaches guitar in Greenville, South Carolina, and her straightforward, enjoyable, and effective approach to teaching guitar is reflected in her description of her guitar lessons: “Practical, supportive lessons based on the music you want to play. We’ll work together on basics and skill-building essentials, but you’ll be working on real songs right away, so you get a quick return on your investment of time and money.”

Her natural affinity for teaching guitar, is further revealed in her interview with, which you can view by visiting the Lesley Diane profile page, where you will also be able to find out important details, including contact info and social links, about how Lesley guides her students to fulfilling their guitar-playing goals.

Below is an article that Lesley recently submitted to us, explaining the bottom-line-at-the-top necessity of steering aspiring guitarists to a satisfying feeling of playing songs at the very start of the experience. Lesley’s motivational purpose in this approach is clearly outlined in the article, and we can see why guitar students in Greenville, or via Skype, would seek her out for guitar instruction. Please read the article, and let us know what you think. In the meantime, please visit Lesley’s guitar teacher page

Guitar Lessons Should Help You Play Real Music ASAP

by Lesley Diane

Learning guitar? Great! There are probably songs you’re dying to play. Or your friends play and you don’t want to sit watching while they have all the fun. Maybe you want to attract dates (this works, by the way).

Know right off that you can play LOTS of cool songs with a small set of skills. Know also that there are three early challenges for new guitar players. Unfortunately, the first one is pain. You deserve an early payoff for the two or three weeks your fingertips will be sore. Which is perhaps the best argument for bang-for-the-buck lessons that let you hear yourself making real music ASAP.

Students need technical drills and exercises for skill-building and a firm foundation. These are important. But if you’re investing time, money and your fingertips in learning to play, you should get to hear yourself making real music as soon as possible. That’s why my preference as a guitar teacher is to quickly get folks playing the music that made them want to play in the first place. You’ll leave your first lesson having strummed an Em chord, maybe an Am chord (or easy one-finger C and G chords for the kids). You play the Em chord again with a simple fingerstyle pattern. You’ve now played two or three things that sound like music. You’ll play the one-finger-per-fret drill, too, to toughen your fingertips and start building co-ordination. It doesn’t sound like music at all, it’s purely an exercise. But you’ll do it because some of what you played DID sound like music. At your first lesson. And you’ll know from the very start that, yes, you can play guitar. Actually, you already have.

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