I’m a guitar teacher who has been teaching for many years.The student-teacher relationship has to be a fit, with both sides willing to give the experience an honest try. I think that the glue that holds the guitar lessons together, is that the student and the teacher see the lessons as something that might work.

The guitar lessons have to be interesting. When I started playing the guitar, I wanted to play all of my favorite songs. I didn’t want to get bogged down with a lot of unnecessary theory or exercises. In teaching guitar, I try to keep in mind the student’s interest while always suggesting techniques that I feel the student should know about guitar playing.

When the guitar lessons are working well, the student and the teacher, no matter what playing level of either, are discussing the same thing- the music and playing the guitar better. What I tell the student about dealing with music, is exactly what I tell myself about my music as a musician. Teaching guitar reminds me that I’m a musician and that I like music.

Matt Walsh
Teaching Guitar

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