When a guitar teacher quotes you his or her guitar lesson fee, it may seem as if the price you’re hearing is for the particular amount of time that the fee is for … half-an-hour, forty-five minutes, an hour. But the reality is that what you’d be getting in return for what you’d be paying is far greater than the dollars being handed over. What a guitar teacher offers beyond the time spent with you, your son, or your daughter in a guitar lesson includes:

  • The experience she or he has had in learning the instrument
  • The teacher’s crafted concept of how to deliver the pertinent information in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand package
  • The time and money invested by the teacher in promoting the guitar lessons
  • The time spent communicating with you about how the lessons work, whether by phone, email, text, or in-person
  • The time spent on re-scheduling (the vast majority of which is unfortunately frivolous and unnecessary), canceling (some in the guitar teaching industry refer to an open, previously-scheduled time slot as a widow), or flat-out no-shows by students, or potential guitar students who somehow think it’s okay to leave a guitar teacher hanging
  • Experience gained playing professionally as a solo act or with other band members
  • Professional guidance on purchasing or repairing guitar and guitar equipment
  • Between-lessons clarification and answers to questions

Well … you get the picture: What a guitar student or the parents of a guitar student are getting in return for the guitar lesson fee and their patronage of a guitar teacher goes beyond the time spent with a guitar teacher in the actual guitar lesson, and we hope that all this is kept in mind when engaging a guitar teacher. Needless to say, not all guitar teachers are created alike or possess equal portions of passion, experience, knowledge, or dedication; so, discretion and thorough research are required in choosing the right guitar teacher for you. Using Lessons.com to help you ascertain some of the variables involved with finding a guitar teacher is a great place to start, and we hope you’ll use it to get the highest possible value from your guitar lesson experience. But we also hope that you’ll keep in mind the full range of value you’ll be receiving in the guitar lesson exchange.

Wishing you all the best in your guitar playing journey!

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