How much should I practice guitar is a question on the mind of everyone who’s ever picked up the guitar with the idea of fulfilling their innermost dreams of musical self-expression, and we think it’s safe to say that there is no hard and fast rule about how much and how often you should practice playing the guitar. From rock stars who have said they played hours a day until their fingers bled to others who have said that their playing was dictated by their mood and their inner voice, there is a wide disparity of varying opinions.


It would be crazy to think that a beginner guitarist would be able to make any progress at all, unless he or she took guitar lessons or found some mode of discipline that ensured the habit of playing would be instilled in their everyday life. Yet, at the same time, torturing oneself with guilt about not playing would also be contraindicated, since doing so may turn one off to a long life of playing and the countless hours of pleasure that would otherwise occur. Therefore, some guitar teachers have been known to encourage their guitar students to try and get in the habit of playing everyday, if only for a few (think 15 to 30) minutes per day. Teachers who encourage such practice know that the gradual immersion into playing guitar is likely to take the damaging internal pressure off of their guitar students, while, at the same time, producing enough results to motivate the student to play guitar in increasing increments, as they develop the know-how and the skill required to take their guitar playing where they would like it to go.

If a guitarist has a vision of him or herself becoming a virtuoso guitar player, there is nothing to stand in their way, so the aforementioned approach to practicing the guitar would, in no way, hold them back. Their self-determination will win out, regardless of the obstacles. However, for those less inclined to fulfill such lofty guitar-playing goals, it’s likely to be found that, with moderation of practice expectations in the beginning, comes long-lasting hours of pleasure and an achievement of guitar skills and knowledge that will serve them well for many years to come.

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