We’re happy to announce Lessons.com has successfully acquired FindaGuitarTeacher.com today!

About the website:

As some of you already know findaguitarteacher.com was started when three of us, all guitar players and guitar teachers, were discussing the best way to promote our guitar teaching on the internet.  We came to the conclusion that, while there are a number of music lesson sites, online video sites, and guitar teaching blogs, there really is no site that deals exclusively with the subject of guitar teachers.  It was out of this discussion that findaguitarteacher.com was born.

Our vision for findaguitarteacher includes a platform by which each guitar teacher can describe his or her guitar teaching by not only answering the questions on the profile form about music styles (rock guitar, blues guitar, country guitar, metal guitar etc.) and guitar related skills, but also by describing their guitar teaching approach and guitar influences in their own words.

Our vision includes each guitar teacher having the opportunity to continually adjust and update their guitar teaching profile, and we encourage each teacher to do so as often as possible in order to stay fresh and in the present.

The team at findaguitarteacher.com is doing everything possible to make this a site that benefits  guitar teachers, prospective guitar students, and the parents of guitar students, and we look forward to the active participation of each of these elements in creating a successful and effective way for guitar teachers and guitar students to connect.


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