It’s the 21st century, hiring a qualified instructor shouldn’t require so much work — this was the exact thought we had 2 years ago and we decided to take on, and hopefully solve, this extraordinary problem. Little did we know, its proven to be the hardest thing we’ve ever attempted but we’re making progress we’d love to share our experiences.

So, what is was founded by Tom Grupa, Paul Mazzola, and Mac Lara in 2014 in Austin, TX and is the largest online marketplace for lessons. People of all ages come to to search, book, and learn from private instructors of all kinds. Thousands of instructors and over 100 in Austin, rely on Lessons as a way to get new students to grow their businesses.

How does it work?

From piano lessons to algebra tutoring, brings the expertise you’re seeking straight to you—simply and quickly. Tell us about your needs and we’ll introduce you to several experienced instructors in your area that same day. This allows you to make an educated hiring decision faster whether based on price, location, or expertise.

“We’re not just growing fast, we’re growing with purpose. Small businesses and independent professionals have always been the economic engines in Austin and we’re dedicated to their success.”

-Tom Grupa, CEO

Helping Austin’s local community thrive has been rewarding experience for us over the past couple years. We’ve been able to change the lives of thousands of students in a fun and fulfilling way. We’ve helped students learn almost everything, from learning to wakeboard, to playing the piano, to flying an airplane!

We’re happy to announce we have brought on 59 new instructors in the Austin community this year. A staggering number to us. We would have never imagined this kind of impact when we started the company 2 years ago. The average instructor here in our hometown of Austin earns a whopping $50 per hour, a number we’re very proud of!

“Our goal is to help 1 billion people learn something new, and we’ll never give up.”    -Tom Grupa, CEO

Everyday we look forward to helping the world learn something new. has ambitious plans to grow the different amount of subjects, locations, and continuously hire great local talent.

— The Team

Tom Grupa
Paul Mazzola
Mac Lara


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