Based in Austin Texas, Lessons.com (http://lessons.com) is debuting their marketplace today with the mission to connect students with local teachers in sports, music, academia and performing arts. Right away, Lessons.com has been able to gain traction across the country with over 700 teachers applying in 90 cities.

“Teachers are really kind of flocking to us,” CEO, Tom Grupa says. “With the volume of teachers applying with us every day, we are able to hand-pick and vet the best teachers and our unique proposition makes it a really good deal for them.”

For teachers, Lessons.com provides more than just local exposure to new students, including accepting payments online, ability to offer booking packages of multiple lessons, management tools to grow their business, and administrative efforts to help ease growing pains. After all, most teachers don’t have a website which limits their ability to market their services online. Teachers have traditionally relied on referrals, ads in local libraries, and Craigslist.

For both students and parents, it’s difficult to find a quality teacher for their subject, in their location, at a time that works for them, and at a price they can afford. Lessons.com makes it easy for students to compare prices, read reviews, view a teacher’s accreditations, and then make an educated decision.

“Even if you can find a teacher through a referral, it is very hard to compare that teacher with others, even harder to verify the accuracy of that teacher’s reviews, and impossible to know if there may have been a closer, more affordable or better matched teacher elsewhere,” says Grupa.

Lessons.com offers a 100% money back guarantee even if students purchase one introductory lesson or lesson packages of six or ten lessons.

Launching with piano, tennis, and golf, Lessons.com plans to quickly expand to more subjects including guitar, Spanish, dancing, and singing by next year. Lessons.com is accepting applications from teachers in all subjects.

“We’re passionate about promoting education on a nationwide scale through extracurricular activities. We strive to alleviate the administrative stress and paperwork for teachers so they can focus on doing what they love,” says Grupa.

Lessons.com provides convenient, fun, safe, and affordable lessons to students of all ages in more than 90 cities nationwide. For more information and to find the best local teachers, check out Lessons.com.

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