One of the most important things to know before even beginning your tennis game is to master the court. Know where and what everything is. The court has 2 sides with a net separating them the right side is known as the deuce side, the left side is called the ad side. Both sides have what is known as the service box. This is where the ball is served. The service boxes are located on the opposite side of the opponent’s team. For example the server on the deuce side needs to serve to the opponents deuce side or right side.

Each player’s court (not team), is framed by baselines and sidelines. Baseline at the bottom, sideline on the sides. During a rally (points after the serve) the player must stay within the opponent’s lines with the ball.

Once the ball is served and if it hits the net the call is a let and the server can serve again. (Remember only 2 consecutive serves).

The winner of the first point gets 15 and the loser get love. The server will always say their score first.

To begin playing tennis there are certain terms that you should learn. There are essentially 3 types of tennis matches (matches – tennis competition) are singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Singles is a match between 2 players; doubles is a match between 4 players; mixed doubles are different in as much they are mixed gender matches.

A set begins with a serve; the serving team is generally determined by a coin toss. Once the serve has been determined the serve, the next decision is who serves first and on what side.The serve is initiated by 1 of the winning team members. The serve puts the ball into play; the purpose is to win a point. Points are won once the opponent does 1 of several things.

  • Unable to return the ball by second bounce
  • Hits the ball into the net
  • Returns an out of bounds ball
  • Double faults when serving (hits the net or out of bounds on 2 consecutive occasions).

Once the ball has been served and properly returned it is up to the other team to use a backhand groundstroke to return the volley. This continues until a losing point interrupts the volley.

Each score begins with 0 points or love. Scoring is earned in 15 and 10. The first point is 15, the second is 30 and the third is 40. If both players have 40 or 3 points it is known as a deuce. In this case they must play until there is a winner who is up by 2 points.

The server remains the server throughout the game, they serve from the right hand baseline and their goal is to serve to the left side service area. Winning a game requires a 4 points and the winner must be ahead by 2 points to win.

Sets are a series of games. The winner of a set must have a 2 game advantage out of a minimum of 6 games. Set can be played over a long period of time. In order to prevent that from happening a tiebreaker score are established prior the start of the game.

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