Lori Clayton (anonymous)

I clicked on a link in Facebook, and set up an account to look around, but never even updated my profile.   Today, I got a “Lesson” request from someone in Broomfield.   I started going through the process to set up my profile then read in “how it works” that Lessons.com would charge me a “fee” for finding a student.  WHAT??   I didn’t even have  PROFILE set up, so how could the “student” possibly know what sort of lessons I taught, where I was located, etc.   So, I tried to respond to the student, to tell her I could not help her, and LESSONS.COM STILL WANTED ME TO PAY FOR “CREDITS” TO SEND MY REPLY?   NO THANK YOU.  SCAM. SCAM, SCAM!   DELETE MY ACCOUNT.   YOU ARE NOT GETTING MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

Lori Clayton asked
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