Guitar teachers can now teach guitar to anyone, anywhere!

The demand for Skype guitar lessons is on the rise, as the opportunity for aspiring guitarists to take guitar lessons with their perfect guitar teacher is no longer limited by scheduling conflicts or geographic constraints.

The advancing technology of Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and other webcam platforms allows guitar teachers to not only connect with previously inaccessible guitar students, but to maintain continuity with current students, whose busy work and travel schedules rule out meeting for an in-person guitar lesson on a regular basis.

Chris Ford of says, “Our site has seen a substantial increase in an acceptance of webcam guitar lessons on the part of both guitar students and guitar teachers. Our Skype guitar lessons page has 150% more guitar teachers than it did four months ago, and it is now our third most visited (out of 4000+ pages) page.”

What guitar teachers say:

  • “We have a lot of students who travel. So, there are often times, I end up doing a Skype lesson with students, because they can’t make it physically here, and that’s worked out really well. Doing Skype lessons is a wonderful way to help people to get an opportunity to play with an instructor, and in front of an instructor, at least once a week to reinforce the good habits and don’t get into bad ones.”
  • “I teach primarily right here in this room; this is my home studio … I do also teach Skype lessons. So, I do that right here on the webcam, and I can teach pretty much any student all over the world.”

What guitar students say:

  • “My guitar teacher is a great guitar player and a wonderful teacher, but I moved to another part of the state and couldn’t find a guitar teacher I liked. So, Skype lets me keep taking lessons with him, instead of settling for someone else or not taking lessons at all.” – Mike O’Brien – Wakefield, MA guitar student

With U. S. annual retail guitar sales close to one billion dollars*, playing guitar has never been more popular, and the technological capability afforded guitar teachers and their students by webcam guitar lessons now makes it possible to take guitar lessons with anyone, anywhere.

* Data cited in The Music Trades publication “The Annual Census of the Music Industries”

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