Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With such a wide range of creative talent, what better time to have fun and learn something new.

1. Flying Lessons.

Flying lessons are a dream for most – and too often they remain a dream. The biggest roadblock to flying lessons is the perception of price. Most worry that it will take tens of thousands of dollars to get their flying license. It will. But, the cost can be spread across many months to wear you are taking lessons on the weekends and spending a few hundred dollars.

The national average of flying before one got a license is between 60 and 70 hours. Fly for 2 hours per weekend and you can have your sports pilots license under 10 months.

Better yet, just try it out! Why not fly for 3-5 hours (with a pilot doing the flying) to see if it is something you will enjoy.

Austin has many flying schools, and you are only a phone call or a quick email away.

2.Wakeboarding Lessons

Summer is almost here and with Lake Travis at its highest level in over two years, there isn’t a better time to improve your wakeboarding skills. A wakeboarding instructor can teach you how to move on the water in the right way, so you are comfortable and skillful out on the water.3. Cooking Lessons and Classes

Austin is an up and coming food town. Cooking lessons are like killing three birds with one stone. You can learn how to cook, take a date for a fun night, and have something to eat!

3. Photography Lessons

You have that fancy camera in your closet you never learned to use. You’re always instagramming and snapchatting and need to step up your game.

A photography lesson is perfect for this.

  1. You can better understand lighting, and finding the right location to take photos.
  2. You can learn how to use all those lenses – the physical ones on your digital camera.
  3. You can learn how to edit your photos like the best magazines.
  4. You might even take a date and learn together.


4. Scuba lessons

You can learn to Scuba in Austin, Texas. With proper Scuba lessons, you can quickly put on the goggles and float the waters of Texas while they still are here.

5. Art classes

Doing art on your own is fun, but taking a class may help bring your skills to the next level. Austin, Texas is a city filled with creative ready to help teach you to do art.

6. Music – guitar, piano so much more

Ever wanted to play an instrument? Bang a drum? What better place then the live music capital of the world? Austin is a city loaded with talented music instructors, where you can finally take your playing to the next level.

Improving your playing means you can go longer without getting tired. You can have more fun, and you can experiment and try new things.

7. Sports and fitness

With the weather wonderful most of the year in Austin, Texas, there is so much to be had when it comes to improving your sports skills. Want to up your tennis play and have better games? It can be done. Golf? Make your best score ever.

How about Archery? Yes in Austin, Texas, you can get archery instructions as well as gun lessons.

8. Shooting

Austin, Texas the blue dot in a red state, is still place to learn how to shoot a gun. Be it improving your marksmanship, or shooting clays flying through the air, shooting lessons are a useful and entertaining lesson to take.


9. Extreme driving

Extreme driving lessons may be a way to bring the fun back into driving after Interstate 35 sucked it all out. Get out there and learn how to drift like they do in Tokyo Drift, learn how to drive backwards and do 360s. It’s one of those fun once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll carry with you.

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