two people playing tennis in a tropical setting
two people playing tennis in a tropical setting

Learning tennis online is a great way to pick up some tips and get started – for free. Youtube is filled with an incredible amount of free online tennis lesson channels. After studying them, we at found the top 10. Take a list below, at the top 10 youtube channels for free online tennis lessons.

1. Essential Tennis

Essential Tennis is a regularly updated tennis channel with lessons, tips, and ideas. The channel is both motivational and useful for anybody from a beginner all the way to a more advanced player. With over 15 million views, this channel is worth taking a look at.

2. Feel Tennis Instruction

The Tennis instruction videos by feel tennis instruction help you develop basic and more advanced tennis technique through feel based drills and exercises.

3. Online Tennis Lessons

This video channel uses slow motion cameras to show you how the stars play, and how you can learn from them. Online Tennis Lessons helps you maximize your chances of success, focusing on specifics like forehand and backhand.

4. Tennis Coach TV

TennisCoachTV is a channel for players who want to get into the swing and be playing every single day. With a lot of focus on strategies and tactics, there are some great videos at TennisCoachTV.

5. Top Tennis Training Net

Two former ATP players team up to bring you Top Tennis Training Net, an enjoyable and value adding channel that will help you improve your tennis game.

6. Top Speed Tennis

Top Speed Tennis focuses on giving you high quality tennis instruction. At the same time this channel reviews some of the best players in the game, dissecting their technique and offering lessons.

7. Total Tennis Domination

Total Tennis Domination helps tennis players understand tennis strategy, mind-set and movement so that they can win more matches with less effort and practice.

8. Daily Tennis Lesson

Every week this channel posts 5 new videos to help you improve your tennis game.

9. Peter Freeman

If you are new to the game and have a budding love, this channel is filled with some strong videos from Peter Freeman.

10. FYB2007

This channel hasn’t been active in the last year, but is filled with high quality lesson videos you can learn from.

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