Top 10 Fun Topics to Learn Online

Think you’d enjoy taking some online courses, but aren’t sure where to start? No problem. These days there are so many great options available to at-home students of all ages that you’re sure to find the perfect course. Learning online isn’t just about filling credit quotas or changing careers, although you can do that too. Online learning is also about finding courses that really interest you, so you can have fun while learning a new skill. These are the top 10 fun topics that you can learn online.

1. French

French is one of the great languages of the world. Known as the Language of Love, it’s a useful language in France, Canada, and many regions of Africa. If you are an active world traveler, any foreign language is going to come in handy somewhere down the line.

2. Drumming

Learning to play an instrument is on the to-do lists of many adults who didn’t have the opportunity when they were young. Drumming is a fantastic way to learn something new, play along with your favorite songs and develop your innate musical talents.

3. Philosophy

Have you ever wondered about your place in the world, or whether the color you view as green is actually someone else’s blue? If so, philosophy is the class for you. Spend your days contemplating life and all its idiosyncrasies, and maybe one day you’ll be as famous as a Greek philosopher.

4. Painting

Most people love the tactile experience of dabbing paint onto a canvas. Why not learn to turn those messy pictures into works of art? Just a little patience and knowledge can mean the difference between drippy fruit bowls and lively portraits.

5. Cake Decorating

From tiny rosettes to 3D characters crafted from modeling chocolate, decorating an amazing cake is quite the endeavor. Learning the basics of cake decorating isn’t just a way to enjoy your time and lick plenty of leftover spoons. It can also be a gateway to a small business.

6. Cooking

The ideal course for anyone who hasn’t conquered much more in the kitchen than a piece of toast or canned spaghetti sauce, cooking classes are both fun and totally worthwhile.

7. Bollywood Dancing

Dancing is a fun way to stay in shape and keep your mind just as fit. It’s even more fun when you actually know the steps and have an authentic soundtrack to work with.

8. Mixology

Tired of the same old party drinks? Want to become a really amazing host? Learn the tricks of the bartending trade and never serve a boring beverage again.

9. Dog Grooming

If you’ve ever tried to give your own pets a haircut, you already know that there’s much more to it than owning an electric razor. Learning dog grooming isn’t just about picking up a useful skill – it’s also about bonding with our animal friends.

10. Fashion Design

Tired of shopping? Learn how to design your own clothes and leave the mall behind forever. Fashion design lessons can unleash the savvy designer in you. Get creative with your outfits and learn to sew, and you’ll be able to save money by avoiding the clothing stores.

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