Minneapolis (Minnetrista) guitar Teacher Scott Jensen possesses strong and impassioned ideas about the value of learning guitar with a guitar teacher in person, and he was kind enough to send us this article in which he outlines the pitfalls of learning guitar via YouTube guitar lessons rather than availing yourself of the opportunity to work with a guitar teacher in a person-to-person setting. Scott’s perspective makes an extremely compelling argument for the value of finding a guitar teacher with whom you can develop a personal relationship and get real-time feedback and timely answers to questions that are bound to arise in the course of a real learning experience. We couldn’t agree more with the case that Scott is making, and we invite you to read his article as well as to find out more about Scott’s approach to teaching the guitar.


Learning Guitar from YouTube is Hurting You
by Scott Jensen

If you’ve been “playing around” with your guitar far too long and you’re ready to get serious and really learn to PLAY, then you need to read this:

With the explosion of free guitar “lessons” on the internet, over the last few years, you may think it’s easier than ever to get top-notch training at bargain price…or even free. Well, that’s dead WRONG! The truth is, anybody with a video camera can strum a few chords, put it up on YouTube and declare himself a, “guitar teacher.” And when you’re just starting out (or even if you’re an intermediate player) you might not even know that what your learning could actually make your playing WORSE.

But here’s something even more dangerous you need to be aware of…
If you learn bad technique, you could end up in physical pain and frustration, which leads to DESPAIR. And that usually means you’ll quit playing completely. It happens all the time. I’ve seen many guitar players quit playing because they thought they didn’t have enough “talent.” But the truth is, they had plenty of talent. They just got bad instruction.

How To Avoid This Problem:

One surefire way to make sure you don’t get lead down the wrong path is to find a good guitar teacher in your local area. FindaGuitarTeacher is an awesome resource full of very talented guitar teachers that can put you on the correct path so you can finally achieve your dreams of playing the guitar like you have always wanted to. Teachers that are able to coach, mentor and encourage you. Ever notice that the YouTube guitar lessons you are watching can’t answer your questions or help motivate and inspire you?

Here’s The Bottom Line…

One of the most important things you can do as a guitarist is to find a structured and organized plan from a good teacher. Stop wandering around YouTube picking up bits of this and that and really make a commitment to learning how to play the guitar. Only then will you truly be able to achieve your guitar playing goals.

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